Revive Your Soil.
Boost Your Plant Health.

Higher yields, lower costs, healthier food without using synthetic fertilizers, weed controls, and insecticides.



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Benefits of Soilganix + Agrimend

Topsoil only
  • Same crop, sun/watering.
  • Small leaves
  • Multiple weeds
  • Soil dries out quickly.
Topsoil + AgriMend
  • Same crop, sun/watering,
  • Small leaves with some discoloration
  • Less weeds than pot #1 
  • Soil dries out quickly, but improvements over pot
Topsoil + AgriMend + Soilganix
  • Same crop, sun/watering,  planted two (2) weeks later
  • Large yield with better color/taste
  • No weeds
  • Soil is moist

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